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What is Wake Harvest?

Wake Harvest Summer Camp Video

Our Wake Harvest summer campers had a blast during our field trip to Raleigh Fire Station 29. Check out 

About Us

Wake Harvest

Wake Harvest, created by JRV Consulting, is a community outreach program designed to make a positive difference in our youth and community.

Youth Mentorship Program

Our Wake Harvest Youth Mentorship Program was created to inspire and positively influence the lives of our students. Our children are the future leaders of our community. We are on a mission to inspire, encourage and show our students that the sky is the limit. One Saturday a month our group visits a different local business owner/Mentor, learns about their industry and their road to success. You won't want to miss it. Join us!

Our Purpose

With the youth suicide rate rising, we are on a mission to give children a hope for the future by showing them the different options of who they can become.  We want to sow a seed in their hearts and reap a HARVEST of hope and success!

Help Our Cause

Your support will enable us to ensure our Youth Mentorship Program is FREE to all students. Thank you for your generous contribution.

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Wake Harvest Youth Mentorship Program

Our Wake Harvest Youth Mentorship Program had a great time learning about the Wash House Laundromat in Raleigh, NC. "Sowing seeds of hope to reap a HARVEST of success." 

About Us

Wake Harvest Breakast Club

Breakfast Club

Youth Development

Youth Development

Let's E.A.T. (Empower And Teach)


Youth Development

Youth Development

Youth Development

Every child learns differently. We take pride in personalizing each student's individual experience.   


Workforce Prep

Youth Development

Workforce Prep

Our Workforce Prep classes teach your child the keys to success in the workplace.

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