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Wake Harvest Breakfast Club

Wake Harvest Breakfast Club

At Wake Harvest we believe it is important to promote social interaction. By meeting one Saturday of each month to have breakfast as a group, we encourage students to build relationships and practice communication skills.  This helps build character and confidence which contributes to a healthy self-esteem. 

Parents, you will drop your child off and come back to get them in 90 minutes.  We can't wait to see your child there.


Pricing & Packages

$25.00/month includes 1 Breakfast Club event per month.

$225.00/month includes 1 Breakfast Club event and 4 Youth Development Enrichment Sessions per month.

Enrichment Sessions are personalized for each individual student. Together, our Youth Development Specialist, alongside the parent(s) and student, will select the areas in which to focus each development session. 

Our mission is to empower, strengthen and encourage the next generation to reach their full potential. For example, for a child with a low self-esteem we will focus on emotional regulation and self-esteem building, etc. 

Other areas of focus range from relationship building and problem solving to resume building and interview preparation; to name a few. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.